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Our periodic newsletter provides valuable information for the charity sector. The February 2024 issue provides comprehensive information on a range of matters.


  What's New ?

Our February 2024 Newsletter highlights:

- Related Party Transactions; 

ACNC requirements for record keeping; 

- Charitable Trusts Act 2022; 

- Self-assessment for non-charity NFPs;


GST Basic - click here;

Fringe Benefits Tax for Churches - click here;

Tax Issues for Christian Workers - click here;

STP & Super Stapling - click here;

The new Act has commenced as from July 1, 2015. Please ensure your rules are complying.

Fringe Benefit for Churches

An overview of fringe benefits issues as they impact on churches. More info

Fringe Benefits for PBIs. More info

A useful GST reference tool for Treasurers. More info

School Building Fund Notes. More info

Welcome to Add-Ministry Inc

Add-Ministry Inc is a registered charity established for the specific purpose of providing administrative support to charitable & religious entities.

Our website provides a range of useful resources, and our Newsletters can advise your organisation of current changes. If you would like to be included in the Newsletter email distribution, please send us an email.

Our email advisory service can provide free advice on many administrative accounting and legal matters that impact charities and churches. Where the matter is more complex we can refer you to an accounting firm or legal firm that specialises in the charity sector, or you can enquire direct from one of the following firms: -


Australian Audit 

A WA CA firm providing audit services
and specialist advice on tax concessions, Deductible Gift Recipient 
status and Fringe Benefit Tax.


G V Lawyers is a well established Perth 
firm with a breadth of experience. In conjunction with its partnership with Allawdocs, it can support 
charities with all forms of corporate and trust structures and advice.
Dry Kirkness Chartered Accountants
specialise in providing accounting, tax
and audit services to the not-for-profit 
and charity sector.
The Moores Legal Not-for-Profit group based in
Melbourne, is a dedicated team of lawyers providing legal
 and governance advice to philanthropists, charities and not-for-profit entities throughout Australia.

Harding & Thornbury
are a Chartered Accounting firm specialising
in auditing and consulting to charities, 
community service organisations and non-government schools and colleges.

Sydney based Prolegis Lawyers is a Practice committed to the charities and not-for-profits 

sector and specialises in the provision of legal solutions.


Charities Commission in Australia

The Charities Commission commenced operations from 03.12.2012. Government have been seeking feedback from the Charity sector on the details. The Christian Churches of WA have made detailed submissions throughout 2012. They can be viewed by the links below:

Charity begins at home - Submission on the new proposals to restrict money going overseas - 2 April 2014

- New Definition of Charity - as at April 2013

- Definition of Charity - Final wording to be available by 30.06.2013

- Governance Comments - Further discussions will assist in the final format to be effective from 01.07.2013

- Fundraising Commentary - Regretfully this important task has been given low priority in 2014

- In Australia law changes - the Draft Bill still before Parliament 

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