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We publish a newsletter several times a year. The headings in the newsletters have been included under each edition for your convenience - just hover your cursor over each month.

If you have any questions about the newsletter or articles contained in the newsletter, or wish to make a contribution, please contact us. 

  • Related Party transactions;  Conflict of interest; Key Management Personnel remuneration; Super Guarantee update; It's Fringe Benefits Return time; National Fundraising harmonisation; Sending money to conflict zones; Remuneration of Ministers & STP; The ACNC & Compliance; Addendum
  • Payments to Board/Committee; Director Identification Number; Charity Reporting Threshold Changes; Other key items
  • Changes to ACNC Governance Standards;; Hand Over checklist for office bearers; Proposed changes to reporting thresholds; Tax Deductible Funds; FBT reporting; Associations Incorp Act 2015; STP changes
  • Association matters; ACNC matters; ATO matters; matters; Celeste Barber's fundraiser;
  • Sending money overseas - new ATO advice; Whistle-blower laws
  • What is a PBI? Duty of Care; Have you been hacked? ACNC Annual Information Statements; ACNC Charities Report; Is your committee in control? Is an unincorporated body liable in law for its actions? ACNC
  • Necessitous Circumstances Fund; Reporting Obligations - Companies limited by Guarantee; Australian Business Register upgrade; GST snippets; FBT Reporting Year; Productivity Report on NFP Sector; Standard chart of accounts;

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